Grand Prix of Brazil 2015: Schedule of relay

Circuito del GP de Brasil vista aereanext weekend will be played the penultimate race of the season 2015 of Formula 1. THE circuit chosen for this appointment is Interlagos, where is to be held the Brazilian GP. A circuit that breathes passion, with a circuit quite interesting of the classics, with slopes and high speed, where if the rain appears (the estimates are somewhat unstable) could be a show much more like other races that have lived in the past on wet roads, but always with the spirit of Senna in the background.

In Interlagos is expected Red Bull to mount the upgraded engine from Renault, or at least one of their cars you could ride it seems. It has been rumored about, that Red Bull could use combustion engines Renault and that Ilmor and AVL take a hand for the Red Bull team to be in charge of the part of the hybrid and of the development of the engine independently of Renault. But it is also still negocioando with Ferrari, although from Maranello are still in their heels, claiming they are willing to deliver a different engine to Red Bull.

Trazado del circuito de InterlagosIn regards to McLaren, it is a circuit short (4.3 km), but is needed a good engine. So that the results could be similar to those of the circuit of Mexico, but hope not to have to check out you car after the first lap, as happened in this event. To be a short circuit, the distance classification will be less between the teams, so that could be more interesting and to see that, by a few thousandths could vary the position.

The curve peralta flows into the main line has been in the past a scenario of dangerous accidents due to the high speed at which it happens, the eses Senna also will give us a source of overtaking and mistakes, like the entry and exit a little tricky in this pit lane, without forgetting the interesting output. The circuit is located 700m above sea level, so the Turbo, though less than atmospheric, may suffer. Complexity, technical sketch, and changes of level are some of the other attractions not to miss the race…

Times of the Brazilian GP

Day Hours (Spain) Event Channel
Friday, November 13 12:55 free practice 1 Mega or AtresPlayer / TV3 / MovistarTV
Friday, November 13 16:55 free practice 2 Mega or AtresPlayer / TV3 / MovistarTV
Saturday, November 14 13:55 free practice 3 Antenna 3 or AtresPlayer / TV3 / MovistarTV
Saturday, November 14 16:45 Prior To Classification Antenna 3 or AtresPlayer
Saturday, November 14 17:00 Classification Antenna 3 or AtresPlayer / TV3 / MovistarTV
Sunday, 15 November 16:30 Pre-Race Antenna 3 or AtresPlayer
Sunday, 15 November 17:00 Race Antenna 3 or AtresPlayer / TV3 / MovistarTV

Maybe over the weekend we have other news and above all we will see if we can clear the question about engines of the Red Bull team that seems to be the talk of the paddock in the last races, the time is running out for them and at the end of October they should have had a solution, but we arrived in mid-November with no official news. The delay will affect the performance and development of the car of the year that comes, you must hurry…