Grand Prix of Europe F1 2017: Days, times and channels

Comes this new edition of the European GP in Baku. The F1 returns to european lands with this fantastic circuit, very narrow and with views so great for the old quarter of this city. No doubt a circuit in which makes it difficult to overtake because of their size, as in Monaco, and also with the longest straight that will face the teams. The challenge is to have high downforce for the car to behave well on all the curves that have the circuit and that do not lose too much time on the straight line of the eternal. And again, who will pass worse are those powered by motors less powerful, that is to say, Renault and Honda.

Renault announced that they would not have any great improvement for this year, that the next big improvement that is hoped to be already in 2018, something that has left many amazed, since it was expected that improvement already in the GP of Canada. At least in Red Bull, the eager. And not only will not be delayed, but it seems that will not come. Although rely on improving small parts. It is something rare as Renault, they already made something similar few years ago, when not spent tokens remaining, despite being the most they had… I Suppose they will have some plan and has a reason. So in this circuit we will see how it behaves in the Red Bull, and it seems that both Ferrari as Mercedes will continue to the front if you don’t think of anything.

The other, who was expected to give a big jump in benefits was Honda, but neither do they list the upgrade for the GP of Canada, where all the team in Woking waiting for as water may. Now it seems that since Honda have announced that the will be introduced in the GP, at least in the case of Alonso, you must change your combustion chamber and thus take advantage of since it has to penalize you if, or if. Therefore difficult weekend waiting for him to McLaren-Honda. El MCL32 Alonso will last by introducing the new improved combustion chamber that is expected to give them more efficiency, the remaining temperature of the exhaust and damaging the energy recovered by the MGU-H and turbo, therefore, these parts are also to be expected with a specification new. To do with those three things far better, although it seems that this is not a new specification with major changes, but only an intermediate step…

well, that are not lost even for a second of all this great circus, you already know that you can view it from Vodafone or Movistar TV, in both cases by the channel Movistar F1, in addition to following the summaries of an hour of the race in open and free by TDP. It seems that soon we will have something new and interesting to follow it from the Internet, and it is working hard Liberty Media, so we are looking forward to this new online channel. That said, the times are:

Day Session Hours
Friday, 23 June free practice 1 11:00
Friday, 23 June free practice 2 15:00
Saturday, 24 June free practice 3 12:00
Saturday, 24 June Classification 15:00
Sunday, June 25 Race 15:00

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