Grand Prix of Malaysia To 2016: race Results

Red Bull 2016One of the best races of the season, no doubt, has presented a very interesting Malaysian GP, F1 2016. Red Bull have been able to with the Mercedes, not only because of the problems that you have had Hamilton, that went from the pole and was not able to complete the race in the absence of a few tens of laps to the end, when he saw that his engine said good-bye and withdrew, leaving the world on a platter for Rosberg. A Rosberg, who complained of Vettel on the podium: “I’ve seen a four times champion of the world, uncontrolled“.

Nico Rosberg has been seen during the weekend something off, after the good feeling of the Singapore GP. The German has been after the two Red Bull, with a amazing victory of Daniel Ricciardo, followed by Vertappen, which has complained bitterly of Vettel: “Vettel is mad, he has thrown for Rosberg as an idiot“. By the way, as a result of this boldness has been his Ferrari outside of combat with the front wheel turned. Vettel will have 3 positions penalty at Suzuka and two points of the pass is less…

Hamilton en el GP de Gran BretañaIn terms of Carlos Sainz Jr., the Toro Rosso seems to have come to less in this last part of the season, or rather that the rest of the teams have taken a leap and they do not. After a classification disappointing as Carlos explained yesterday, today it has also not had a single run. In spite of that, Sainz has been able to be close to the Top10, and therefore near the points, though, despite its efforts, has not obtained any point in this quote.

There is that also mention the Manor, which has taken a little step forward within your particular situation in this circuit. Despite the chatter of the own Manor who believed that with the Mercedes engine they were going to take an enormous step, without thinking of the importance of aerodynamics and the chassis, have not proved too competitive, only being able to fight with the Renault and Sauber for the situation of these…

race Results:

Position Pilot Time Turns
1 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull 01:37.12.776 56
2 Max Verstappen Red Bull +2″443 56
3 Nico Rosberg Mercedes +25″516 56
4 Kimi Räikkönen Ferrari +28″785 56
5 Valtteri Bottas Williams +61″582 56
6 Sergio Perez Force India +63″794 56
7 Fernando Alonso McLaren-Honda +65″205 56
8 Nico Hülkenberg Force India +74″066 56
9 Jenson Button McLaren-Honda +81″816 56
10 Jolyon Palmer Renault +95″466 56
11 Carlos Sainz Jr Toro Rosso +98″878 56
12 Marcus Ericsson Sauber +1 lap 55
13 Felipe Massa Williams +1 lap 55
14 Daniil Kvyat Toro Rosso +1 lap 55
15 Pascal Wehrlein Manor +1 lap 55
16 Esteban Ocon Manor +1 lap 55
17 Felipe Nasr Sauber Withdrawal 46
18 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Withdrawal 1 40
19 Esteban Gutierrez Haas Withdrawal 39
20 Kevin Magnussen Renault Withdrawal 17
21 Romain Grosjean Haas Withdrawal 7
22 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari Withdrawal 0

Results of the world championship of drivers and constructors:

Position Pilot Points
1 Nico Rosberg 288
2 Lewis Hamilton 265
3 Daniel Ricciardo 204
4 Kimi Räikkönen 160
5 Sebastian Vettel 153
6 Max Verstappen 147
7 Valtteri Bottas 80
8 Sergio Perez 74
9 Nico Hülkenberg 50
10 Fernando Alonso 42
11 Felipe Massa 41
12 Carlos Sainz Jr 30
13 Romain Grosjean 28
14 Daniil Kvyat 25
15 Jenson Button 19
16 Kevin Magnussen 7
17 Jolyon Palmer 1
18 Pascal Wehrlein 1
19 Stoffel Vandoorne 1
20 Esteban Gutierrez 0
21 Marcus Ericsson 0
22 Felipe Nasr 0
23 Rio Haryanto 0
24 Esteban Ocon 0
Position Points
1 Mercedes 553
2 Red Bull 359
3 Ferrari 313
4 Force India 124
5 Williams 121
6 McLaren 62
7 Toro Rosso 47
8 Haas 28
9 Renault 8
10 Manor 1
11 Sauber 0

And of course, we could not devote this last paragraph to other than Fernando Alonso, which has been able to climb 15 positions to finish 7th after starting 22nd after his penalty for the change of engine, improved engine that has not used and reserved for the appointment of house of Honda in Japan. Ahead of Jenson Button who went out 9th and has come to be 4th in some race situations. I hope that McLaren-Honda continue to follow your progression and in 2017 are candidates for the world.