¡Great news! Spain approves the circulation of autonomous cars on their roads

Today, 16 November, 2015, the General Directorate of Traffic makes it official to the regulatory framework that allows for the free circulation of autonomous cars in Spain for its research and development. With the entry into force of this new statement, Spain became one of the top 5 european countries that allow the circulation of autonomous cars on its roads. This movement could become an interesting effect called for technology companies to face to evaluate their technologies on our roads, thus putting the first stone of an industry-based research on driving systems autonomous.


Can, in a matter of days we’ll be crossing with one of those cars that drive by themselves

The introduction of autonomous cars on open roads is a major challenge for the issue of coexistence and liability posed by driving autonomously. After the launch in different european countries and north american states, it was only a matter of time in Spain conociésemos this announcement. As in these countries, all vehicles equipped with driving autonomous driving on Spanish roads will be required to have a driver to keep an eye on the technology, being able to take control at all times and taking responsibility of any mishap that may happen.

What has happened in the U.S. when they appeared the first accidents with autonomous cars?

All those bodies interested in the implementation of a program of evidence-based driving systems autonomous, so they will only have to apply for permission to the DGT in compliance with the requirements that set the standard. This statement will allow you to participate to manufacturers of autonomous vehicles, their builders and the official laboratories, as well as manufacturers or installers of the technology that allows the vehicle full autonomy, universities, and consortia participating in research projects.

According to the DGT, the definition of autonomous vehicle collection in the statement is the following:

” autonomous vehicle it is with everyone who has a driving capacity equipped with technology that allows driving or driving without the need for the active form of control or supervision of a driver, whether this technology autonomous is enabled or disabled, whether temporary or permanent “


As we have already mentioned at the start of this entry, the opportunity of investment and technological development is very important with the entry into force of this statement, even more so when Spain has become one of the first countries in the world to take this step. driving autonomous is called to be the great revolution in transportation in the coming years, so much so, that the vast majority of manufacturers, industries and research institutes related to the car are working right now on a project, relationships with autonomous vehicles.

Formally, we can welcome the autonomous cars in Spain.

Source: DGT
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