Greaves Motorsport and Murphy Prototypes, 'empty' in 2017


The arrival of the new generation of LMP2 the WEC and the European Le Mans Series has caught contrapi√© to some structures. In fact, the number of prototypes LMP2 will compete full-time in the World of Resistance is rather lower than in previous years, the result of the low or non-consolidation of different projects. In this aspect, Greaves Motorsport and Murphy Prototypes won’t compete in the WEC in 2017 and it is very likely that both formations british take a sabbatical year or to a program in part with the aim of restructuring their projects in order to 2018.

Greaves Motorsport is a team of long history that has among its successes the victory in the class P2 of the 24 Hours of Le Mans 2011. The initial objective of the team led by Tim Greaves was to have a double programme in the ELMS and in the World of Resistance. However, none of the two projects ended up far and the team is left without returning to Le Mans for the sixth consecutive season. In this aspect, the indecision of Tracy Krohn at the time of launching a project next to Greaves Motorsport with one Dallara P217-Gibson has dashed any option.

A similar situation crosses Murphy Prototypes. Training however studies of other channels and face-to-2018 includes new programs that may have more to do with some category GT3, or cars. With the wildcard category, LMP3, Greg Murphy has confessed that the return to LMP2 next year is unlikely, but has emphasized that its long-term goal is to return to Le Mans. All in all, the structure of british need of some form rearm after seeing as his project to compete in the WEC it was to fret at the last moment by the problems to collect the budget of two pilots of payment.