Green light for Ferrari to supply engines to Toro Rosso in 2016


Photo: Toro Rosso

The situation of Toro Rosso will become clear, and although there is nothing official, are increasingly close to having power unit for the season 2016. The FIA announced, after the World Council of Motor, that Ferrari is permitted to supply engines to a fourth customer. Counting to your own team of Maranello, and after the departure of Manor (you will pass to carry propellant Mercedes), are Sauber and the new team Haas, still too much of a square to the Italian brand. Will it be for Toro Rosso? Red Bull has no motor, not Toro Rosso, and Renault has not yet completed the purchase of Lotus. However, the affiliate team of the energy drinks is the best situated. Ferrari already announced that would not allow motor current to a rival as Red Bull, and these do not accept to mount the next year the 2015, because they would go out at a disadvantage.

That condition, the use of the power unit this season to the next, is the one that will accept Toro Rosso. Also he said the FIA: “the World Council of The Motor was also informed that the FIA had agreed to allow Ferrari to supply to a fourth client computer, a power unit with the specification of 2015 and 2016”. Such propellant may be again approved, and although previously a motorist could only be a setting, from the next academic year there may be motors ‘ ‘, 2016 and engines ‘B‘, 2015: “power units homologated in previous seasons may be re-approved”.

Toro Rosso has already led engines Ferrari for seven seasons, from 2007 until 2013. Propellant Italian succeeded, in addition, his only pole position and victory, Sebastian Vettel in 2008, precisely in the Italian Grand Prix. In addition, the team headquarters is in the same country, in Faenza and, in case outside little, Carlos Sainz escaped from him some information at the end of last week: “at the moment I can not say anything more or confirm the name, but we may consider a more Italian next year”. WhatAnd Red Bull? Still looking for solution.