Griffith, the name that will be the first model from the reborn TVR


That a car brand legendary back from the dead to retrieve the ground lost, to disappear, is something that seems is becoming fashionable. The manufacturer English TVR has gone through a long journey until that is confirmed the re-launching the firm’s official. In addition, this announcement was made with a new model on the table. As proof of the arrival of this model, a month ago I confirmábamos that the brand would have this car on the street before the end of the year 2017.

At that time leaked sketches in which we could see some of the lines that make up the design of this model. Since then, TVR has continued keeping quiet, as to create expectation is the best thing you can do to make the fans interested in their model. However, time passes and if they want to have their model in the street before the end of the year must be taking steps forward. One of these steps is to register your name at the patent office so that no one can ever take away.


As we have been able to know for several international media TVR would have taken the steps administrative requirements to register the trade name of its next model, . The official presentation of this model will be at the Frankfurt motor show and then everything has to be ready. All in all, we have found that Griffith is the name selected as it is a name emblematic of the signature, and this car deserves no less.

Jack Griffith is the one who lends his surname to this model and the reason is for your last relationship with the brand. This lord was one of the major dealers of the brand in addition to being a fan of their models. This appellation was used by TVR between the years 1963 and 2002 intermittently and for certain special models. All in all, we do not know if this name will be in exclusive the concept that we’ll meet in Frankfurt or on the contrary, if the final model will also take you in your rear.

The German event will open its doors next month of September, maybe before we know the final design of this new TVR. Time the time lords.

Source – Automotive News