Grill of F1 drivers 2018: this is for the time being

you just need a career to to finish the season in Formula 1, 2017, we saw as the world this year, both the builders as the pilot was ditched in favour of Mercedes and Hamilton. In the last race, the GP of Brazil because everything was made, could not change anything. Hamilton has been the current F1 world champion 2017 and Vettel has had to be satisfied with being the runner-up in the world, despite the fact that they have had, said by the own of Maranello, the best car of the current grill. However, both pilots have been in charge of not getting enough points for the constructors ‘ world, especially Kimi, and Vettel has made mistakes, very serious, which also cost him his own…

Since all the teams are thinking in the next year, the factories are already working on a piecework basis for the developments that will come and face the changes of the F1 2018, which as you know are notorious. This is not a revolution as the transition 2016-2017, but will be added to the halo that affects very negatively to the aesthetics and aerodynamics of the car, in addition to banning the shark fin, the t-wings and the monkey seat. Therefore, they will have to generate more load in the rear area of other form, and seek to meet these deficiencies and deal with the halo the best. However, as I say, the cars of 2018 will be quite similar, an evolution of the existing ones to not be that any team has erred in the design or has reached its peak of evolution and decide to change it.

Well, but what we have in this article is to talk about the pilots for next year. Already been confirmed that many of the pilots that will be present, so more or less we know how will be the future grill unless some unexpected change. The list of pilots is:

Team Pilots Confirmción
Mercedes Hamilton-Bottas Yes
Ferrari Vettel-Räikkönen Yes
Red Bull Verstappen-Ricciardo Yes
Force India Ocon-Perez Yes
Williams Stroll-? need to confirm to Kubica or Di Resta
Toro Rosso Hartley-Gasly Yes
Renault Hulkenberg-Sainz Yes
Haas Grosjean-Magnussen Yes
McLaren Alonso-Vondoorne Yes
Sauber Not confirmed (possibly Ericsson / Leclerc / Giovinazzi)

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