Grosjean gives up with Brembo


The brake problems of the team Haas are on track to be as legendary as has Honda with its engine, because since the mid of the season 2016 have been dragging various drawbacks that still have not been able to solve.

But while Gunther Steiner said in the first week of test that the team was not clear what to do, Romain Grosjean asks the team to formalize the change of Brembo Carbone Industrie as soon as possible. “I’m Not going to comment on the details, but I do not like (Brembo). I’m looking forward to come back with something different, it is the solution. Now, when did you arrive? I don’t know”, said in a statement picked up by Autosport.

The French rider, in addition, also reported problems with the understeer that the Haas VF-17 suffers from a constant, something that the team is working intensely. “We are suffering a little with the understeer. We need to understand why, we have been testing many setups on different and many different things to evaluate what what causes. We don’t need the tuning to be perfect in the test of winter, but we want to have the possibility of knowing the causes, what happens if we change the geometry of the rear suspension or the stiffness of the front axle or the like”, said Grosjean, who will close the preseason team on the day of Friday, march 10,.