Grosjean: “Haas is the perfect site for me”


Romain Grosjean left a project riddled with uncertainties to bet on the new computer from the grill: Haas F1. At that time, Lotus still had not been bought by Renault and the French decided to join an ambitious project with Ferrari as a partner.

A year later, Romain Grosjean is very pleased with the decision and, despite the difficulties, claims not to be repented of you have taken it. And one of the main reasons for this is the philosophy transparent to the computer, devoid of politics that hinder the progress of the formation of north america.

“I didn’t know if Renault is going to enter or not, but I knew that the performance the first year was going to be difficult. I had a telephone conversation with Gunther Steiner (Head of Team), then I met Gene (Haas, owner) in Monza. In the first meeting with Gene and I shook hands and closed the deal. They explained to Me what they were going to do, I liked your policy, bluntly, directly to the grain. Something like: ‘we Want to run, we don’t want any of these things policy, we want to come to F1, and to improve’”.

Grosjean said on several occasions that the link of Haas with Ferrari supposed to be an incentive considerable at the time of signing with the americans, but acknowledges that there was a strong argument for taking the decision, as stated in an interview granted to

“not Really. Ferrari is a dream team, that is no secret. I thought that if I was going to Australia with Renault and got a point, all the world would say is normal, which is a factory team. If I got to play in Australia with an american team, it was going to be a great story. And in terms of image, it would be something big. So I thought in terms of marketing, in the sporting challenge and what was good for me. I wanted to do it”.

Grosjean has suffered a lot with the car’s reliability this year, especially with the brakes and the stiffness of the front spoiler, but he does not regret in the slightest having signed for Haas and expected in 2017 will solve many of the problems.

“We’ve had good times, others difficult, moments in which tirarías overboard. But in the end I come back here and I see the people I work with, the environment, the boss… I think that is the perfect site for me”.

“There are many things that we need to improve. We have had many problems with the wings in front. Canada was another race where we had to score and we lost the wing in front. There are at least five races in which we had to score and we did not do so due to problems. The season would have been very different without these problems. But again we must stress that this is the first year and is part of the learning curve. The problem of the brakes in Malaysia, is really unacceptable because it was not our fault, it was from a supplier that is supposed to have knowledge of F1, but they could not give me any explanation.”

2017 will be a test of fire considerable to the team, which will go into a universe unknown with the new rules, something that in 2016 it did not happen thanks to the advice of Ferrari. In spite of this, Grosjean believes that they have taken adequate steps to improve the results in the second season Haas.

We focus very soon in 2017 because the idea of the team was to come into F1 and do better the second year, and if you want to do it, you have to choose to prepare the car, especially with the rule changes. So yes, we gave up in the development of the car from the beginning.”

“I Had faith in Gunther and Gene when I joined the project and I still have a lot of faith in them. I think that the goal is to do better the second year and we are working on it. My faith remains the same, so I think we can do better next year”.