Grosjean: “I made my Debut in F1 without being prepared”


Romain Grosjean he made his debut in Formula 1 in 2009, in the absence of seven races to finish the championship, replacing Nelson Piquet Jr. It premiered at the European Grand Prix in Valencia, and although he was doing a good season in GP2, believes that it was not the right time: “they told Me I had seven great prizes to sharpen my teeth and that 2010 would be in the car. It was too soon for me, clearly. I was 23 years old, and although today there are riders 17 years of age who are ready for the Formula 1, I was not ready”, he acknowledged on French television. Nelsinho, jilted, uncovered the ‘Crashgate’, which ended with Briatore out of the sport. This sanction splashed Grosjean, who had been encouraged to the maximum category for the Italian: “Was run by Flavio Briatore, who was banned from Formula 1. I had to leave when the team made a clean slate and”.

he had Not competed in 2010 and in 2011 was a test driver, before returning to the title in 2012. He demonstrated his talent and speed with three podiums, but he was involved in several incidents and maneuvers controversial, to the point of receiving a sanction that prevented him from contesting the Grand Prix of Italy. In the previous race, the Belgium, had caused an accident that resulted in the abandonment of Sergio Perez, Hamilton and Alonso, who was playing the title. That was when he decided to change and put in the hands of a psychologist: “Works with many high-level athletes. It was very interesting to me to realize how we understand things and how I can leave them behind, and even how I can visualize something before it happens. It has made Me more patient, helped me understand why I do what is right or wrong, and why he could not follow the path that I wanted to”.

Also helped him be a father, which gave another view of reality: “parenthood helped me. When you’re a high-level athlete, you have to focus on your career, but being a parent is the best thing in the world. Now Grosjean is about to debut in his new team, Haas, which will be his first job in a team is not French (it has always been linked to Renault/Lotus): “Riding for an american team I will give you another perspective, the Formula 1 and their trips allow you to open the mind”. So continues the evolution of the pilot, which, unlike the time of its debut, it is already fully prepared, and that has a clear objective: getting to Ferrari.