Grosjean, laps with the brakes: “We’ve lost a session”


The performance of Haas has a particular ‘effect pendulum’ depending on the course, probably the most pronounced of the entire grill. In some paths, the chassis designed by Dallara allows them to sneak into the top 10. In others, it is the power band of your engine. But in circuits such as the Baku, where you have to find a compromise between both aspects, the u.s. team passed quite unnoticed. At least, that indicate the first free practice this Friday.

there is No doubt that the lack of confidence of the pilots with the car when faced with hard braking has their own point of responsibility. The brake problems of the VF-17, an endemic evil that pursues them since their debut last year, have returned to play today with Romain Grosjean in the free seconds. The French had been 13th in the morning with a 1:46.837, only a tenth of his teammate but was unable to get close even to that time in the 22 laps completed in the afternoon, closing the table with a 1:47.722.

“Simply, the feelings were not there. Not much more can be said, being honest”, has deplored the French pilot, who knew not, or would not, identify at the time the problem that had weighed on his day: “Obviously, it is something that we need to look more thoroughly, we’ve already lost one session of face to Saturday. There is a lot of work to do, but, with luck, we will be able to isolate and identify the problems to solve”.

The sensations were not there. Not much more can be said.

In terms of pure pace, things were not too best for Kevin Magnussen, although their brake discs did not pose a headache. In fact, the dane, who has been accustomed to Friday incomplete by car sharing or some problems on the first day, could complete the day without apparent difficulty, being 12th in the morning with a 1:46.721 and 14th in the afternoon with a 1:45.831.

“it has Not gone too badly, I think we had a acceptable day, and there is much to analyze, so we will see if we can improve the car for tomorrow”, said Magnussen, who praised the layout of Baku, adding that both he and the car are still far from finding the limits of what the path can offer: “This track is quite special and unique, it is very fun to ride. There is much to learn, and gain a lot of speed on each lap. It is good to be able to spin without having too many problems in the car”.