Grosjean takes out oil from a VF-17 balanced at the Red Bull Ring


The French rider Haas took all that I had this weekend to keep the sixth position from which he started the race. Got to get fourth, but the pace unattainable that showed Ferrari and Mercedes did that joy lasted very little.

“Were a few turns amusing, as in 2013, when he could play with the cars in front and advance to several positions”, confessed, Romain Grosjean. “it Is obvious that I could not bear the pace of Kimi and Lewis, but I had a great fight against Perez. It was very fast and we had to give the maximum all the time, but the car behaved well”.

In his time at Lotus by then, powered by a Renault engine, Grosjean managed to finish the season in seventh place, with an E21 that made it possible to finish on the podium on numerous occasions.

Only is our Grand Prize number 30

The #8 jokes by ensuring that as they were the best of the rest, “so we won the second Grand Prix of the Formula 1!”. What is certain is that with the exception of Daniel Ricciardo, who showed a great pace while Max Verstappen had another mechanical failure, the pilot of the u.s. team was the last to not be bent.

“There are several aspects in which we need to improve, but when we got the tires and the aerodynamics to work correctly, we are very competitive,”. The brakes have been a big headache especially this season, but the team has not found the right balance between the tires and the resistance of the VF-17 to the air. In addition, as he himself says, “only you ” is our Grand Prize number 30”, but the team to which it represents has matured at a feverish pace, thanks to, among other things, to the help of the Scuderia.


Magnussen was hampered by a new problem of reliability.

finally, and referring to the abandonment of his team-mate, he stressed that “I tried to stay away from the kerbs” because “in this Grand Prix, we’ve lost many pieces of the car in the free practice sessions,”, a problem that reached its maximum exponent when Kevin Magnussen retired in classification problems in the suspension. However, Grosjean hinted that “we should have an update for Silverstone”, so that Steiner will continue to advance in the next races.