Group PSA buying Opel to GM, tomorrow we will know the details of the operation

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Since news of the purchase of Opel to General Motors was made public PSA Group has measured a lot of the words of their leaders. At all times have maintained a stance of “negotiating”or “conversation” however, something made us perceive that the business was closed. The only drawback that existed to shout it from the four winds was the last fringe, the more gory, competition, and technology with General Motors.

we All know that General Motors prefers to kill a brand (in the case of Saab, or Hummer) before giving in to their opponents part of their technology or give them something of advantage. The conglomerate american does not have scruples, and against them have had to fight the PSA, as Opel without some of the technology of General Motors is nothing and in the French group in need of this technology for the purchase of the German firm will be profitable.

in Addition, the purchase of Opel by PSA also would have to be approved by the board of directors of the group. This body, after the conversations that have been held to reach the agreement, it seems that has not put many drawbacks, and therefore, would have given the green light to the agreement end. Therefore, completion of the new PSA Group will be the second car manufacturer in Europe, ahead of Italian-american Fiat Chrysler Cars (FCA).

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once the route of the negotiations both groups (General Motors and PSA) have convened an appearance before the mainstream media of the world Monday morning first thing in the morning. In this appointment, it is expected that the leaders of both multinational confirm the operation and at the same time give more details on the sale of Opel. With it, want to settle the rumors about what will happen with both companies and, more important, in what situation will be left Opel after his arrival to the French consortium.

After the official confirmation, the PSA Group still has to deal with the unions, Opel and Vauxhall. These organs of union representation have much power within the German brand and could disrupt the numbers that Carlos Tavares would have done to consider the acquisition of Opel. However, it seems that General Motors would be willing to contribute part of the capital claimed by the unions to PSA to be free of assign a certain technology.

The details of what will happen with Opel are uncertain and although tomorrow we will leave doubts what is the future that awaits you, and still will be many things to know. We’ll see if General Motors allows PSA certain technologies, sell models of Opel in some markets and if he decides to return to Europe with his Chevrolet in short print runs.

Source – Automotive News