GTS BMW M4, water injection and 500 hp for the most radical M of history!

The GTS BMW M4 comes as a hurricane, breaking into the top of the food chain of the sports car. BMW just presented the most radical and rapid in its history Motorsport. A very special car, whose production will be limited to only 700 units . A special car, focused solely on driving enjoyment. A high performance machine – and 500 horsepower – where lightness is unrivaled and technological showcase of water injection for the first time applied to a production car


Function over form

Only there will be a limited edition of 700 units. Exclusivity is part of GTS BMW M4 .

The GTS BMW M4 followed by long history of special editions BMW Motorsport , now celebrated the 30th anniversary of the launch of BMW M3 in 1986. After mythical machines like the BMW M3 CSL 360 CV or the spectacular BMW M3 GTS 440 hp – released as part of the generation E92 – is the turn of BMW M4 more special and powerful of all time . Very little has changed on that sport so radical that snatched our hearts instantly

: After having presented the prototype a few months ago our suspicions are confirmed.

Its exterior already exudes power with a far more aggressive than the standard equipped aerodynamic kit for the M4. The grille is darkened and framed in a dark chrome. Its spectacular alloy ultra-light model 666 M have up to 20 inches in diameter at the rear axle and Acid Orange colored details, and popularized by M3 GTS years. The front tires are 265/35 measures R19 , the rear are about 285/30 R20 . Used tires Michelin Pilot Super Sport 2 high-performance.

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One of the peculiarities of the concept has moved to production. Its optical OLED are big news worldwide . Composed of diodes LED – pixels – just 1.4 mm in size, employing the same tecnolog”ia screen and allow your smartphone to create a more intricate design for the taillights. In the future, it is likely that many vehicles the serial equip. Besides design possibilities, look at the precision with which let you create different light signals of a car.

Rear disfusor of CFRP four tailpipes of titanium 80 mm diameter frame.

The rear spoiler is carbon fiber and aluminum supports are machined with great precision on a CNC lathe. Inside the racing environment it is unmistakable. The bacquets carbon fiber are covered in Alcantara and a simpler center console lightened . The steering wheel is wrapped in the same material, with an orange mark designating the center position. The belt has a detail with the colors of BMW Motorsport and doors without handles, just simple red straps.

A 100% racing environment we can still increase with the Clubsport kit optionally available without cost. This kit consists of a roll cage orange, which can be anchored belts six points. Obviously, suppresses access to the rear seats but I think is the last of the concerns of the owner of a GTS BMW M4 not is standard. And with the Clubsport kit is equipped with a fire extinguisher series two kilos, located between the two front seats.

First, lightness

The new center console is 30% lighter, weighing half their bacquets that sports seats M4.

Not only it must look like a sports car should be. Distilled want to go to circuits and track days, where he is able to annihilate much more powerful cars. Not only thanks to its 500 hp, but thanks to a strict diet to lose weight. A diet leaves your weight in just 1,510 kg according to DIN . A BMW M4 Coupe change DKG weighs 1,612 kg, which is 102 kilos lighter. How has the GTS BMW M4 like slimming? For based carbon fiber, mainly.

Specifically, polymers reinforced with carbon fiber . It is the material it is made the roof of GTS BMW M4 and its hood, lighter than aluminum hood BMW M4 conventional 25%. It is the material of which is composed turrets front bar and the shaft, one piece. The seats also have a skeleton of carbon fiber. The rear spoiler and diffuser are also constructed in CFRP . The carbonocerámicos brakes are standard, also lighter.

The exhaust system is titanium, and is 20% lighter than stainless steel exhaust of a conventional M4.

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500 hp and injection of water for faster M history

is able to walk around the Nurburgring in just 7 minutes and 28 seconds.

But certainly, what is special about the GTS BMW M4 is the first application to a production car of a water injection system . My partner David Clavero told us in detail how a water injection system, so I suggest that you go through it to find a clear and detailed explanation. If you do not feel you can tell that by injecting water spray into the intake, the intake air temperature is reduced allowing more powerful and efficient optimized combustion.

The GTS BMW M4 uses the same engine 3.0 TwinPower Turbo six-cylinder in-line BMW M4 , but its power increased to 500 hp and its rate of rotation can reach 7,600 rpm, outstanding in a turbocharged engine. Five hundred horses at 6,250 rpm, accompanied by a brutal torque of 600 Nm constant between 4,000 rpm and 5,500 rpm. Its acceleration to 100 km / h happens in just 3.8 seconds , making it the fastest M history. Top speed is electronically limited to 305 km / h.

However, the average consumption is only 8.3 l / 100 km, emitting 194 g / km of CO 2

Only available with transmission DKG double-clutch seven relations . As regards dynamism, it is expected to be the BMW M more dynamic and effective ever created. Its set-up is the sportiest of the Motorsport range, with new stabilizing, aluminum subframe on both axes and type coilover dampers specifically tuned to be devastating on trackdays. An additional oil pump and a casing redesigned to better help the engine withstand the tremendous forces generated G.

In addition to the usual driving modes, the GTS BMW M4 comes as standard with an electronic differential lock (not a simulation) which allows locking degrees from 0% to 100% depending on the requirements. And the result is clear: GTS BMW M4 is capable of walk around the N├╝rburgring in a tremendous seven minutes and 28 seconds . Besides overcoming the QV Alfa Romeo Giulia, is 14 seconds faster than a BMW M4 conventional. That is the real triumph of the exclusive GTS BMW M4 .

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