GTS Concept BMW M4, water injection and OLED lights for more radical M4


The GTS BMW M4 has arrived. This is the BMW M4 more radical at the time, worthy heir to the saga of BMW M3 special which started in the late 80’s with the M3 Evolution and whose ultimate exponent was the radical and lightened M3 GTS E92 , equipped with a 4.4 V8 engine with 450 hp maximum power and known for its orange hue. Is the turn of BMW M4 GTS , on BMW M4 most radical ever created. In addition to the most powerful of his kind, it opens technologies such as the injection of water or lights OLED in the rear lights. Want to know more.

The most radical of the moment M4

The GTS BMW M4 will be the most radical M4 and light. Enrollable car competition.

The GTS BMW M4 which anticipates this Concept – reading between the lines, is almost identical to the production car – a car that BMW posed as usable machine competition on the streets . It is competition which derive part of their technologies and know-how dynamic. It differs from a BMW M4 “normal” by a specific body kit. A body kit where every surface has an aerodynamic function , from the front spoiler to the rear wing, through a modified rear diffuser.

bmw-m4-gts-concept-1 Both spoiler are carbon fiber, and the front angle of attack can be adjusted manually. Hood BMW M4 GTS is reinforced polymer carbon fiber (CFRP). The GTS BMW M4 is a very serious car, and aesthetics it denotes: cancels its matte black paint reflections and gives a very menacing. The tires make a nod to BMW M3 GTS with Acid Orange permeating inside. With 19-inch front and 20 behind their Michelin tires Sport Cup 2 are measures 265/35 R19 and 285/30 R20 respectively.

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Injection of water: it’s not magic, higher performance and lower power consumption

The turbo is cooled by water, with the help of an additional electric pump.

The BMW M4 Concept GTS has been presented at the Concours d’Elegance in Pebble Beach, and one of the technologies that has raised more commotion is the water injection in your engine . This technology injects water into the inlet, reducing its temperature and enabling significantly dramatic increases in torque and power. Unfortunately, BMW has not communicated his power. Since it uses the same 3.0 TwinPower Turbo six-cylinder in-line M4, I would expect a figure of about 460 CV – 470 hp


bmw-m4-gts-concept-8 We’ve already told you all about the water injection gasoline engines, as well as their advantages and disadvantages. One of the challenges of these systems is the need to greatly improve the cooling of the engine, including its greater potency. To do this, BMW installed additional radiators to the main radiator . The idea is that in the circuits of high and low temperature thermal management is ideal. Cooling the gearbox and the turbo is also increased.

Technology OLED to the rear lights, as if they were screens of smartphone

The taillights of GTS BMW M4 used technology OLED . OLED means Organic Light-Emitting Diodes, and is have the same technology as our smartphones screens , without going any further. Instead of several LED large taillights M4 GTS have many small LED of only 1.4 mm in size. Thanks to this, a new world opens in the design and customization of light signature of a car. Imagine being able to write messages or create forms with your tail lights. The future is here.

bmw-m4-gts-concept-9 The BMW M4 Concept GTS will be on the Frankfurt and hopefully we will have more information about its power and dynamic performance.

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