Guerlain Chicherit, the last soldier of X-Raid in the Dakar


Guerlain Chicherit will be in the Dakar 2016. The French
will the controls for the buggy X-Raid, as it did in the last edition.
He will be accompanied by Alexandre Winocq and your goal will be the same, collaborate
in the development of the buggy
that the team remains in the competition at the same time
the competitive Mini All4 Racing. It is obvious that this vehicle may not be
choose to fight for the victory, but the miles accrued will be used to
keep adding experience in the back of a buggy that could be the future of X-Raid if the
legislation further contributes to the buggy 4×2

The reason for the announcement so late made by Guerlain Chicherit
it has been precisely the possibility of choosing between the Mini All4 Racing and the
, but finally the French have been faithful to the bet that has been made in
the last three years and will continue to work with the 4×2 X-Raid. A decision
as least risky as the Dakar 2015 was really hard, with numerous
technical problems and youth
in this model. The edition of 2016, not promises
be much better since the tour is not conducive to the buggy and Guerlain Chicherit
has not done a single kilometre of test.


Almost to the pair, X-Raid has started the final preparations for the Dakar. The training has promoted a meeting with all the pilots and co-pilots doing ‘pineapple’ in the German region of Allgäu. The crews have been able to join ties through activities of various kinds. There have been plenty of sporting activities, but perhaps the most curious was to see the pilots and co-pilots behind the stove, to prepare a dinner which they were able to enjoy all of the members of X-Raid. Yes, they got the help of the German chef Sten Fischer.

however, the most important point of this meeting came after. All crews travelled to Trebur to a technical training sessions in the workshops of X-Raid. Pilots and co-pilots have been taught a very specific way to get to know inside out all the mechanics of his Mini All4Racing and thus be able to undertake repairs quickly and effectively. However, in case of failure during the stages of the Dakar, only the own crews can do repair work. All cars are equipped with spare parts and tools to allow the crews themselves. Days very important, especially for co-pilots and pilots beginners.

The story Guerlain Chicherit, the last soldier of X-Raid in the Dakar was originally published in by Fernando Sancho.