Gunter Steiner: “I Think that Haas F1 has more potential”


The team Haas F1 is one of the great stars of the start of the season. The result of collaboration with Ferrari, the VF16 has been shown as a single seater fast and effective. This fact, joined to the success of the strategic team and the intelligence of Romain Grosjean has allowed to add a sixth put the team in Australia and a fifth place in Bahrain. Despite this start almost unbeatable and one of the good benefits that has been shown to the first car of the american team, Gunter Steiner, head of the Haas F1, believes that the team still hasn’t shown his level.

Gunter Steiner so what has been argued in ‘’, analyzing the claims of Haas F1: We have a development plan in a way, but our strategy in the first place, is to find out what we can get from this car because you don’t know him at all. I Think that Haas F1 has more potential, we have not yet discovered all of the car and when we have a stable base we will use the evolutions. If we lower the guard fall down, it is automatic. We will not be quiet.” Even so, Steiner acknowledges that: “we will Not have as many evolutions as the big teams, but we will continue to be in the middle of the pack”.

the same positive line has shown Romain Grosjean, which has been rated as a success of its shift to the team Haas F1: “Some people were saying it was a suicide professional, but I think that they were wrong. I Am very happy. I believed in the project and had already seen enough to think that would be good. Haas allows me to grow in a new environment and different. Haas wanted a pilot with experience and trusted in me. In the test of winter I said that we could add points from the beginning. Believed that we could fight something else back, I don’t think anyone expect to be adding up as many points“.