Günther Steiner: “Ross Brawn is an ideal, has nothing to prove”


it is no secret that the decision of Liberty Media to put Ross Brawn to the front of the sports management of Formula 1 has been received with welcome by the teams that comprise it. With minimal exceptions, the general consensus is that the choice of a man with extensive knowledge in management, engineering, and policies of the Formula 1 will allow a greater speed at the time of carrying out the changes that the category requires.

One of those who consider it so, is Günther Steiner. The head of the team Haas F1, which worked with them before in the category in Jaguar and Red Bull, believes that Brawn meets all the requirements to successfully perform their work:

Have you taken a very good decision by choosing Ross. It is the ideal candidate: knows the Formula 1, has nothing to prove, and does not need to do so, what is a good argument for doing a good job, because if not you need to do that, you can take decisions or choose not to do so. So I think that the Formula 1 has a good future, but everyone who has ever worked in Formula 1, is grateful to Bernie for having led you to where we are now”

And is that the figure of Bernie Ecclestone is still present in the sport for a long time, even though his voice is no longer the force singer in the paddock, due to his enormous influence on what that is the Formula 1 of today. Steiner is aware of this, but believes that Liberty Media may make us forget the old boss: “Formula 1 would not exist as it is now without Bernie. We have to respect you a lot for it, because it is now quite a bit higher. We will miss the character, but we spend page. There is always something after anything, and I hope that the new shareholders do a good job, as good or better than Bernie. If they do as well as Bernie, will be a good sport for a long time”

Steiner has experience in how to manage sports in the united States. Not surprisingly, NASCAR was his next destination after his departure from Red Bull in 2007. When asked by Chase Carey, the Italian (born in area germanoparlante) consider their reputation in the business world in the country of bars and stars precedes it, and that Liberty Media has a golden opportunity to attract more pockets:

“Formula 1 is pretty commercial now, but if anything, should have experience Liberty Media is getting more technology, and more modern, to take the sport to more fans and increase the hobby. I hope they do, and are in a good position to do so, they have that experience. Chase Carey comes from the hard business environment in order to get money, and I hope that you can do to grow the business. What is really important is attracting a lot of attention to us.

Many reports suggested that Liberty Media had begun preliminary contacts with the teams, and this has been confirmed Steiner, who notes that, for the moment, just have left general ideas: Have begun to filter out details on how they want to do it, and how they plan to do it, but we have not seen a plan. There are many ideas floating around, Chase Carey gave an interview recently in one of the great channels of the united States and dropped what he wants to do. There is nothing to say “Wow, had not thought of it!”, but just want to get better and to use more technology in the media world, and perhaps put a cap on the budget“.