Günther Steiner: “The new equipment should have more tests”


After two Great Prizes idyllic, Romain Grosjean collected 18 points, Haas F1, he met for the first time the hard face of the category during the Grand Prix of China, in which he stayed for the first time without scoring, after a weekend fateful aggravated by problems with the brakes and Esteban Gutiérrez, with the car of Romain Grosjean, very unstable throughout the day on Sunday.

, His team leader, Günther Steiner, has argued that she would have liked to have more days of tests before you start this journey to prevent these problems of youth, and we would like something regulated to help teams beginners in general:

As a new team, I would like to have the opportunity to try a few more days that the rest of the teams. Would you give to new teams with three or more days of tests to better understand the car and to make the computer work better, in order to avoid the small errors that were committed to the principle and that, at times, have large consequences. It is a wish aloud, but knowing what I know now, would have helped to avoid the problems we had in China“.

in Addition to the problems suffered their two cars, the new front wing that led the american team did not work as they expected, even assuming a slight drawback given the weather conditions and the track. Steiner manuvo to be tried before the piece would have helped, and does not believe that the free practice will be enough to do this:

“it Is more about the people of the team to work together and to better know the car, that you try to invent something new. If you have a new piece, you have very little time during the weekend so that the team knows what to check, and all set. This is not to go faster. This is not to make mistakes, to not be slower. In general, it would be great to have a few more days of tests”.

finally, Steiner confirmed that your computer may not be able to participate in the tests of new tyres, 2017, to not having a car of 2015 by your condition of new equipment, but not concerned.

“unfortunately, we don’t have a car of 2015. All we have is a car of 2016, so we can’t test them. But we would not have concentrated too much on this, because we prefer to do it in what we have now. We still have much to learn from this car”.