Gunther Works manufactures the Porsche 911 GT3 RS (993) that never existed


Gunther Works 400R.

Although the analogy is not ours, the example used by Alexander Stoklosa in his article Car&Driver USA we find it more appropriate to define the work of Gunther Works. The new 400R is the version GT3 RS that did not come to enjoy the generation 993 Porsche 911, pue sno was born, at least with that denomination, until the arrival of the Porsche 996.

Presented as many works custom in the SEMA 2017, the 400R is one of those few works in which more effort is professed worship of the detail. Each and every one of the corners of the model have been conceived, designed and sculpted under strict parameters of consistency and purity. Gunther Works is not dealing with this work to emulate other artists as a Singer. Simply offers the alternative more radical and attuned as possible to the Porsche 993 Carrera 2 atmospheric.

The process begins with the complete disassembly of the model donor (a copy of the 993 Carrera 2) and from this skeleton Gunther Works it gets rid of virtually all, because the engine keeps only the block and crankshaft and the body only retains the metal doors, for security reasons. As the steering wheel, which is standard with drivers airbag.


Very gross but very simple.

All the bodywork is new carbon fiber, the interior respects the classic image of the dashboard of the nueveonce original, with the clocks in a horizontal line and flat, but the rest is an amalgam of carbon fiber, Alcantara and skin, although there are also fabrics with a retro look available.

In the case of the engine flat-six found virtually all new, from the piston to a fuel pump pulled from a 911 GT3, with the result that the new displacement to 4.0 liters, as the maximum torque of the engine that employs today the German brand.

The performance is 441 HP (435 hp) and a maximum torque of 427 Nm, for a weight of just over 1,200 kg, thanks mainly to the extensive use of carbon fiber, both inside and outside. Suspension equipment and brakes have been redone and the model sits on axles wider, as we can see by the bulging wheel arches, which exacerbate the image of the nueveonce classic. Even the transmission has been retouched and the developments are not those of the original model. The sixth is even something more short.


Body very enlarged.

the image of The model says it all, is the sublimation of the character of the 911 classic, with an aesthetic very wide but with a very minimalist, without big dramatismos. The price are 525.000 dollars even a donor unit.

it May not be the transformation more brutal in terms of power or performance, nor is it the most eye-catching in terms of design, but it certainly is one of the most pure, that we find not only in the world of custom, but of the 911 in general.

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