Gutierrez wants to follow in Haas, but claims to have other offers


Haas is one of the teams that still need to decide which pilots line in 2017, to tackle his second season in the category. It is a given that Romain Grosjean will be one of the elect, but the position of Esteban GutiƩrrez is in doubt.

Stephen is not having an easy season, with many mechanical problems in the first races, and lost opportunities for errors in the more recent.

Our car is not at the level of the top 10, to score points we need everything to be perfect, and given certain circumstances. It is evident that it is a matter of having the same opportunities. Once the two pilots have the same opportunities, then we can compare. I know that the numbers say a lot, is what counts in the end, but you can’t stop to consider the circumstances that each one will have touched.”

To all this we must add the criticism that it is receiving, both other pilots and team leaders, by how difficult it is to overtake him when he must be bent for the top finishers. In addition, his team-mate, Romain Grosjean, has already achieved a total of 28 points, none of GutiƩrrez.

“the balance of the first half was pretty bad from my perspective. This second half has been better, we have been more constant. Romain is a very fast rider, very competitive. The fight is really tough. As companions the first thing that we want is to defeat the other, is the main objective. It is there where it enters the competitiveness and I think that it is good to build a team. It is important that there is a positive attitude in regard to that part of the two drivers, so that there is a healthy competition”.

But he wants to continue with Haas next season, despite the fact that it has other options that, given the situation, do not want to discard. Gutierrez is a pilot test of Ferrari, has a close technical relationship and sports with the team Gene Haas, which has benefited from many engineers from Maranello.

Yes I would like to follow up with them. There are alternatives that we are considering. In the next few weeks we will take decisions. There are other interesting opportunities that we cannot leave of side”.