Gymkhana 9: Ken Block returns to the show with his Ford Focus RS RX

acknowledge him, in the background is expected as rain in may. After a first advance, Ken Block is back again with her popular series of scavenger hunts, willing to give it a new twist of your saga. What is this Gymkhana 9 more of the same? It is best that you see for yourself in the video to the full on these lines, but even though it is very difficult to innovate, Block has taken pains to offer a return to its origins.

As is the case in the first deliveries, Ken Block has not wanted to resort to many artifices, nor to a blockbuster in which external elements or the scenery distract you too much from your driving. If the previous Gymkhana 8 was shot in Dubai, on this occasion, the pilot from california has been much more about: Buffalo, in the vicinity of New York.


The wasteland loners and the industrial ships get the limelight, but you’ll also see rail facilities and even a helicopter that will put in jeopardy the skills Block to the steering wheel. We can describe this Gymkhana Nine as a return to its origins, though without that iconic Subaru Impreza WRX, since the last few years, Ken Block is due to Ford.

The mount Block in this Gymkhana 9 is the same as Ford Focus RS RX as pilot in the World Rallycross: more than 600 HP, this is the first occasion in which we see the car outside of the competition, stepping on the asphalt of the roads.

Decorated by Felipe Pantone, this Ford Focus RS RX will be available in the video game Forza Horizon 3 for Xbox One. In addition, the Gymkhana 9 will be completed shortly video 360 -you have one advancement under these lines-in that allows you to change the camera angle at will interactively.