Haas admits that the new rules aero will alter your plan of evolution


The teams modest have always asked for stability in the regulations to, gradually, achieve a level closer to that of large organisations, with their immense resources, they take advantage in the first instance to be able to react with greater speed and efficiency.

When it seemed to happen something like that with the current regulation, which premiered in 2017, the scarcity of overtaking in most of the races has led to that Liberty Media opt to study the way of improving that situation. Finally, the modifications aerodynamic have been approved and the teams need to adapt their spoilers front and rear, as well as the cooling ducts of the brakes, to 2019.

Although the changes are few and very specific, are developed in parts of the car are vital to the functioning aerodynamic, especially in regards to the front wing, which defines the treatment of the flow of air around the entire car.

therefore, Gunther Steiner admits that these developments will alter the plan of evolution of Haas, but still don’t know to what extent. “Now that it has passed this new regulation was streamlined to 2019, we may need to change our plans. The decision will be made next week. The initial plan was to develop a better car because the next year would be an evolution of the current. At this time, we still need to talk with the people of Italy to see what we do. For the smaller teams is not an advantage to have new technical rules for next year. We’ll do our best, but it will not be easy”, admitted.


Kevin Magnussen won in Bahrain an excellent fifth place, but in the rest of career Haas has not taken advantage of the potential of the car.

Haas purchase a Ferrari all that the regulation allows, but the aerodynamic and mechanical changes depend on your own department of the united States, as well as Dallara, in Italy. All the parties should determine which approach to adopt, not only for the coming year, but in relation to the development plan that is already in progress, well, maybe the amount of resources for the current car need to be derived to the next.

Our race team is pretty good at getting the maximum of our car, much better than the first year

Regardless of this, the Grand Prix of Spain will see how the Haas VF-18 receives some new features, although not as many as the other teams have planned. “you can Always extract speed, (but) I don’t have the feeling that the car is immature. Our race team is pretty good at getting the maximum of our car, much better than the first year. What we now need is to have aerodynamic improvements, and so be it. Some small changes will be in Barcelona, this year, we’re going a little later with updates”.

Gunther Steiner admits that Haas has not obtained the results that the car deserved to be in the first few races, but ensures that the car is capable of scoring in any type of track. “The car is able to be in the points in any circuit, we just need to meet and have a bit of luck, the car is there”, sentenced.