Haas continues to have brake problems


The last few races of 2016 were very complicated for the team Haas, which he saw as the pilots were suffering ongoing problems with brakes, even to have accidents and drop-outs for it.

But with the start of the preseason 2017 and the arrival of the new car, the VF-17, things have not changed and the computer is still experiencing problems with the brakes. Last season, Brembo was the supplier of the equipment, but during the Grand Prix of Brazil Haas tried the Carbone Industrie, although without being able to reach a definitive conclusion.

In this first week of test, Haas has returned to the Brembo, but has continued to have difficulties, as it confirms your maximum responsible, Gunther Steiner in a statement picked up by Autosport. “we have Not completely solved our biggest problem is the inconsistency. There are occasions in which the pilots are really happy with them and we then put in another game and appears discontent, we lose time. Not only changing the brakes, but by the trust of the pilots”.

Steiner confirms that they have not yet tested the Carbone Industrie and that there is not a specific date set. “we have Not tested enough to know if they are consistent or not. What we did last year, but could not reach a conclusion. We need to try them this year because we’re late with the signature, and we have to build new brakes because they are wider. We will test them, but we don’t know exactly when or in what career he will have”.