Haas F1 and Red Bull also have passed the crash test FIA


Gunther Steiner has confirmed that the american team has successfully passed the impact test that the FIA imposes to be able to participate in the World Championship of Formula 1.

the Head of The team, Haas said that the team made the crash test chassis ‚Äúthis week and what we have overcome. It is always a good goal. If you get there, the rest leave alone. Each year it is the same for all, you arrive at the last minute, but in the end finds that out how to overcome it”, said in a statement to ESPN.

That in 2017 the first race to be held at the end of the month of march allows the teams to squeeze more to fund the new regulation with more hours of wind tunnel and computer simulation (DCF). But that is not conducive to that teams are going more desahogados with the deadlines, they keep trying to make the most of your time. “The season starts a little later but that does not affect the manufacturing of a car because the presentation is also more late. But last year, we learned a lot (about the process), learn every day,”, said Steiner, which aims to maintain the good level of the team in his debut season, which ended in the eighth square of the constructors ‘ championship.

For his part, Adrian Newey it has been confirmed that the Red Bull team has passed the crash test of the morro at the Autosport Show. “We have successfully passed the crash test of the nose. I think that is the time that we have passed so soon, I used to be a last minute problem. Now the design is already more or less finished, and everything is in production”.

Weeks ago, Force India and Toro Rosso already obtained the permission of the FIA in the impact test, and the rest of the teams expect to get you own before the start of the test on the 27th of February in Barcelona.