Haas F1 wants to beat Ferrari

Gene HaasThe new american team, after the failure of the USF1 Team, will land on the grill of the next year. 2016 will be the debut of Haas F1 and want to start big, unlike the small teams like Manor, or Caterham and HRT in their day. Despite its small budget, comparable to that of Sauber, they want to amaze you from the pre-season test and score regularly.

The aspirations that it has set out to Gene Haas are high, although we do not know if you speak simply to find important sponsors who want to join the new project or if they are truly in a position to have a performance to be competitive. What is certain is that, historically, the teams need time to settle and grow, even more so if they have small budgets.

Ferrari SF15-T (Vettel)What is certain is that are going to have a good engine Ferrari, in addition to other elements such as gear box, and suspension of the team from Maranello. Romain Grosjean has been a signing that has fallen out of the sky, with a good driver with experience that insurance would not have ever thought to have. A statement that Haas has made ensure that: “Enter in the Formula 1 is a business decision, the acceptance on the part of my clients is overwhelming. I think that is more easy to get money in NASCAR because NASCAR only if you finished above the top ten you get a percentage, and in F1 if you end up below you have guaranteed money.“.

Gene Haas has made clear that “we will Not be the junior team for Ferrari, we want to beat them.“. For that feature with the power unit, transmission and suspensions that are equal in this respect to the team’s Italian, but they have an ace under the sleeve, chassis. The development of Dallara is, according to Hass, “better than the Ferrari […] I Think that our chassis is going to be substantially different in construction to the Ferrari, because we are doing it separately. And I think that some things will be better than a chassis from Ferrari, because we are using something more… I wouldn’t say things avant-garde, but we’re taking a different approach to that of Ferrari and, we believe, that, probably, will be a better design.”.

Reality or smoke? We will have to wait…