Haas is offered to prepare pilots for Ferrari


The team Haas is living in a season of ups and downs, but the overall balance can hardly be better for a team that made its debut this year in the Formula 1. In any case, Gunther Steiner recognizes that the saying that says that the second season is more complex, it is true.

“has happened to Me in my career, in the rally, the second
the season was very complicated. We try to avoid it, we do not enter into
panic with any problem and we are looking to do better this year,
but we have started to focus on 2017 very soon and try to
to recruit people soon for the coming year, to grow
our team and I think that it will be hard to avoid him completely,
but we try to be as less as possible

computers for beginners have a tendency to put all their efforts in the first year to to give a good image, and remove the many errors of youth that are constantly emerging, leaving of side the following season and paying the consequences later on.

on the other hand, Steiner has been recognized in the press conference of the FIA that, although it has not been spoken in any moment of the matter, would be happy to serve as a nursery to Ferrari in terms of drivers, forming young talents who are not yet prepared for the demands of the Scuderia.

“I Think that Ferrari helped us find a driver, because the
last year we were looking for good pilots and they had to stephen
(Gutierrez). In the future, we have not talked about it, so
if Ferrari have a good driver development that wish to bring us
because it’s soon to take you to your computer
-because Ferrari is
Ferrari, do not want to try to be a pilot, you need a product
finished-, if you want us to develop for one or two years,
why not

Esteban Gutierrez is the test pilot of Ferrari and this year accompanied as a pilot and owner of Haas Romain Grosjean, who has on numerous occasions has said that what attracts him the most of the american team is its link with the Maranello.