Haas: “it Would have been better to buy an existing team”


Gene Haas, founder and owner of the team Haas Formula 1, acknowledged in statements to Autosport, regrets not having followed the advice of Bernie Ecclestone, he insisted on several occasions that it would be simpler to start your career in Formula 1 through the purchase of an existing equipment.

Gene Haas got the license from the FIA to enter Formula 1 as of 2015, but decided to delay it a season to prepare with greater guarantees the premiere. At that time, to buy Marussia, Lotus or even Sauber, it would have been feasible, but finally decided to build the team from scratch with the technological advice of Ferrari.

“Bernie (Ecclestone) was always telling us: “why not
buy an existing team?”, that would have been the best idea
because there were only ten teams in that time, so
economically it would have been more beneficial. Bernie was,
probably, in the truth because there are many advantages when
you are a team ‘top ten’

The Covenant of the Concordia, in force until 2020, governs the distribution of commercial Formula 1 and specifies how they should spread the benefits of competition, television rights and other revenues financial relating to Formula 1. In it are set to different scales depending on the history of each team and their scores. The teams already established have the advantage of getting certain amounts based on seniority, something that Haas, as the new computer, can’t access.

“it is Not only that you get the money from the ‘column To’ (which specifies a fixed amount to the teams with several years of competition behind their backs), but
also because you get the transport of goods and equipment.
There is a lot of financial help for the equipment once you have

If Haas had just bought a computer already present in the grill, would have agreed to the amounts assigned to the same by its previous results, thing that the american team may do in the future, but not next season.