Haas lifts the veto to Force India


So says at least Auto Motor und Sport, already reported in your day of the veto exercised by Haas F1 on Force India in the last quarter of 2016. The team american objected to the request for the advance payment of a part of the commercial rights acquired as a result of their participation in the World Championships 2016 which ended on the fourth place finish of the table builders.

Such a request is something that Force India carried out since several years ago to be able to deal with more guarantees the conception and initial development of the new car that serve as the basis for the rest of the season. But, unlike other years, on this occasion, a team opposed to it: the debutant Haas.

According to the half-German, Haas has lifted the veto after to get the FIA to access to pay in advance the € 20 million, which it presented in concept of registration in the championship of 2016 and that, in theory, it should be returned at the end of the second season, that is to say, in December of 2017.

In this way, Force India will receive 10 million euros in advance and the development of the new Force India, with the team based in Silverstone aims to challenge the three big teams, will not be affected.