Haas makes changes in his staff to “avoid getting bogged down”


Haas fears one thing above all: succumb to the curse of the second season. Many computers beginners usually find more difficulties in his second year, when they believe that the worst has past and the large amount of resources devoted to maintain a good level during the first year, there is a lack in the following season.

For this reason, Gunther Steiner takes many months preparing the team for 2017, also comes with a regulation to be completely different. “We’ve made changes and part of those changes have been with the pilots of the next year. We have new engineers and we’ve changed some people. Always trying to do better, but this is how to get the best of the best, or the best that you can have in your position”, assumes Steiner in a statement picked up by F1i.com

Haas can’t attract big names, but Steiner believed that with effort it is possible to face a season as complicated as the 2017 with warranties. “we can Not sign him to a Hamilton or Newey. We will do the best we can with the possibilities that we have and we will be left with what we have. If we oftentimes get stuck, we will go back. We need to give everything in this sport. I think that we are prepared for the coming year, but I don’t know if we are well prepared”, acknowledged Steiner, who, as all the computers on the grill, don’t know what to expect next year.