Haas, very unhappy with the supplier of brakes


Romain Grosjean is living in complicated times in the Formula 1 in a season that started so great for him. The French scored in three of the first four races but, after that, could only do so in a more. And now that the Haas is returning to perform satisfactorily, Grosjean is finding with a complex problem that prevents you from riding with confidence.

In Suzuka, after you qualify in the eighth position of the grid, was less than a second of the points. “I Think it was a great race, I had a lot of confidence in the car and I was able to tighten. The brakes… the usual. It’s about finding the right setup for the first few laps, but braking continues to be one of the areas in which we can improve”, said French in a statement to Autosport.

The inconsistency, the greater problem

Brembo supplied to Haas and has a great tradition in Formula 1, but according to the French, is not paying to the height at this time. “I Think that is a material issue. I’m very sensitive with the brakes, so if you can improve, it would help us all. They are working on it and I hope you find a solution”.

Gunther Steiner, team leader, supports the opinion of his pilot, stating that the brakes do not work consistently and, for pilots, it is very difficult to predict what will happen when braking. “is Not good enough, and the biggest problem is that, if they work, they do it well but without consistency, so that you assume that work badly. It is difficult to explain”.

Haas is in the eighth position in the constructors ‘ championship, and Toro Rosso’s 19 points away.