Haas: “we are Not a subsidiary of Ferrari, we shall not pass”


Photo: Haas F1 Team

Gene Haas spoke for the official website of the F1 on the future season, which will make its entry on the grill. Have reached the maximum category of the hand of Ferrari, after becoming his sponsor in 2014: “it Is very important to choose the right partners, and we are very fortunate that Ferrari we chose”. But they warn that they will not be the small team of of Maranello: “we’re Not junior team. If we find ourselves on the track we want to beat them, not let us pass. Of course, I would not mind finishing behind Ferrari in every race, it would be good. In this sport one thing is technical association and another when you’re racing. We are not affiliate team and we don’t want to be. A good part of the car is design our own, so that is enough for deccir that we are a team of independent”.

Gené Haas defines his team as a mix between team client and constructor: “We are a mix. Basically we bought everything that we can, not only Ferrari, but from other manufacturers. Most of the teams built all by themselves, but we try to find who give us all of that. We minimise what we produce. Is what we did in NASCAR, the idea”. Even if you don’t confess what version of the power unit mounted, itself denied that going to be the of this year: we’re Not going to bring the current specification of Ferrari. In addition to engine, also we are supplying the transmission, suspension, shock absorbers…If you will allow me the rumor, I think that Toro Rosso could take the engine 2015″.

In the american team are not afraid to enter as a new computer in a year prior to the great change that will lead to the season 2017: “I do Not regret entering in 2016 and not 2017. We’re going to track much better prepared in 2016 than if we had done it in 2015. And, if we had expected to 2017, I think we would have closed a lot of doors”. The chassis, built by Dallara and designed by team Haas, will be occupied by Romain Grosjean and Esteban Gutiérrez: “Both fit in to our profile. The two are very hungry and do not have a super ego as the champions. Still young enough to learn, and I hope that we learn from each other”. Finally, he showed his confidence in the project that is about to start: “My impression is that we are well. I would be happy if sumáramos a single point, but Romain is an expert and knows how to score. He assured Me that after two laps on the test you will know if it is good car or not. If it is, we are going to build a lot of, if not, find out how conseguirlo”.