Haas will evaluate two brands of brakes in the tests in Barcelona


One of the main problems that Haas found himself in his first season in Formula 1 were the brakes, which to them led to many dropouts and some other accident.

The original supplier, Brembo, it was not to the liking of the pilots and in the last two races of the season, both Romain Grosjean and Esteban Gutiérrez tested the materials of the French firm Carbone Industrie. Especially the frenchman, he was very satisfied, but Gunther Steiner has revealed that still must be done comparisons before you decide which brand will supply Haas in 2017.

The Head of the american team acknowledges that in 2016, there was not sufficient time to fully evaluate the Carbone Industrie. “last year we were not able to test the brakes as needed to this season, so we plan to have the option. Last year we came to the conclusion that the other material was good, so we have to confirm it this year,”, said in a statement picked up by ESPN.

in Addition, the regulation of this year has enabled an increase in the size of the brake discs to cope with cars with more downforce and, hence, less braking distance, and an increase in the weight of the same. “The brakes are now larger, the discs are wider, thicker. We only need to check the materials and make sure everything works. It is always better to have an option, if you can, and that’s what we did”.

Steiner confirms that the team will evaluate both options in the test in Barcelona and, after that, will decide which supplier to use during the season. “we’re Going to make a parallel program and then we will decide which path to follow. We will take a decision after the test in Barcelona. We are prepared to use one or the other in the season, so that we are prepared to have options, that has always been our goal to”, discarding the idea that Brembo has already been rejected as a technical partner of the team. “We did not say that we get rid of anyone, we just wanted to see what else was out there, and having options if one was shown to be much better. It could be anyone, we don’t know yet”.