Haas will switch to Brembo for the rest of the weekend


Haas does not end to resolve their problems with the brakes and, after deciding finally to try the Carbone Industrie in Russia, will return to Brembo for the days of Saturday and Sunday.

The main cause has been the insufficient cooling that the single-seater provides to the brakes, so the team will have to continue working on it before re-assembling the Carbone Industrie in the car. “we have not Yet managed to manage the brakes properly. You could see carbon dust during braking (during the training), we are working on having more cooling options, so that will be fine. We just need a little more time”, confirmed Gunther Steiner, the head of sports team.

Romain Grosjean, the pilot that more problems have been experienced with the brakes in recent months, acknowledges that the car did not behaved well in the first two practice sessions and that, in regard to the brakes, they lose effectiveness in the long run by overheating. “the balance of The car was not fantastic, we had problems with the brakes, as well as on long runs with the brake pedal elongating. I think what we can solve, we have some ideas, but in general the car did not behave well”.

The French, however, believes that it is something solvable and that it is only a matter of time for the team to adapt the car to the different requirements of the Carbone Industrie in relation to the Brembo. “Formula 1 is about finding the fit more precise. We were happy with Carbone Industrie (the test of) Bahrain, but here, we have had more problems, so we need to work on it”.