Haas will test the brakes to Carbone Industrie in free practice


Haas has spent months wavering on whether to stay with Brembo as a supplier of brakes, or switch to Carbone Industrie. During the second half of 2016 began to appear problems in the brakes and, during the Grand Prix of Brazil last year, performed a test with the Carbone Industrie after you have completed the entire season with Brembo.

But with the start of the preseason, 2017, Haas continued to trust in Brembo and Romain Grosjean returned to complain about the inconsistency in his behavior, so the team decided to return to make a test with Carbone Industrie in Bahrain. Now, after a first contact is satisfactory, shall use such brakes in the first practice session, and then will decide whether to continue with them for the rest of the weekend. “In this moment we have all options open. We need to see how it goes in the first session and then we will decide what to do the rest of the weekend. We hope to be able to continue with them, because in the test were very well. The pilots are happy with them and they were consistent, which is the main thing. We want to reach a point at which the brakes are not an issue anymore”, said Gunther Steiner.

Kevin Magnussen, who has not experienced problems as his companion, he sees with good eyes a hypothetical change, because the experience of the test seemed satisfactory. “we will Continue with what we have proven in the test of Bahrain and we will see how it goes. It is always good to try different things and we feel that there are advantages with Carbone Industrie. And we can always go back”, confirmed the pilot Danish in statements to Motorsport.