Haas: “With time, we will be taken seriously”


The team Haas has begun his career in Formula 1 so bright and, although it has had various disadvantages of a computer rookie, has earned the respect of the paddock.

In any case, Haas acknowledges that there is still much to be done to attract the engineers of prestige to the team. Credibility is earned with the passage of time combined with a job well done and Haas is aware of this, using as an example to James Allison. “The
question is: Would you
someone like him to come here? We need to show our
competitors that we are a team viable.
No one wants to come to a team that can’t help”

Haas began his adventure in the category with brilliant results by Romain Grosjean, but then things have gone in a more normal and now it is difficult to get points. Haas knows that the team has still has to prove worth before being able to hire more staff. “The simple
fact come
off to the races, show every weekend that we are prepared,
our cars are not left lying around on the track and all those
small steps, mean
our competitors we take seriously. And
as time progress,
we will also help with the staff, causing people to take us

His extensive experience in NASCAR has taught you to Gene Haas that everything takes time and is aware that the season is coming, with the change of regulation will be a key moment for the future of the team- “What
we have done very well to demonstrate to our rivals that we can
running with them. But
it needed a bit of time to
show if is something normal or if it is the result of chance.
NASCAR takes between five and ten years, so if you did
in the first, it would be something phenomenal.
We will take a few years before that is evident to our
, but we hope that during
this time we are a better team”

At this time, Haas is eighth in the constructors ‘ championship to fourteen points of McLaren and with 22 advantage over Renault.