Häkkinen believes that Rosberg wins it because Hamilton wants to


Lewis Hamilton was proclaimed champion at the GP of the united States. The british achieved their third title of the F1 and since his victory in Austin has not returned to climb to the top of the podium. Nico Rosberg was victorious in Mexico and Brazil in the full path to certify their runner-up position. Do you bet a Mercedes for the German? The former Finnish driver Mika Häkkinen believes that Nico Rosberg only wins because Lewis Hamilton no longer has the requirement. In other words, if Lewis Hamilton were putting up a good to their usual level, Nico Rosberg would not have won the last two grands prix.

Häkkinen won his two titles in F1 with McLaren in 1998 and 1999, but his last years active in DTM and ILMS were with Mercedes. The finn believes to know the dynamics present in the team Mercedes in relation to its two pilots, as he says in an interview with his sponsor Hermes: Lewis Hamilton is in a situation where you don’t have to win. You do not have to give it everything as it was before, because has reached the Championship. Mercdes is a top team and there are only two riders who can win. Then, if Hamilton is not winning, it will be Rosberg“.

These statements come days before the GP of Abu Dhabi, last event of the year and in which both pilots with their objectives met. In the previous statements of this test, even Nico Rosberg seems doubtful on their performance in the last two races: “I Am pushing now, but also what I have been doing since the beginning of the season. I don’t have an explanation of why I am so strong now. I have worked a lot on it, because Lewis had the advantage in the first part of the season. I am glad you have given back to the situation, but you have to follow as well”.