Häkkinen confirms negotiations with Mercedes for Bottas


Valtteri Bottas has been chosen by Mercedes to replace Nico Rosberg in 2017 is the worst kept secret in Formula 1 and Mika Häkkinen, one of their representatives, confirms that it is a matter of time that the signing is announced.

The expiloto Finnish granted an interview to MTV Finland commented that “the situation of a pilot could not be better, being a pilot is desired, especially for a team like Mercedes that has dominated in Formula 1. It’s a situation I dreamed of”, confirming then that “yes, yes of course” are taking place negotiations between both parties.

Faced with the question of if it will occur soon for the official announcement, Häkkinen did not want to set a date, but says that everything will be closed and unveiled before the start of the test winter that begin on the 27th of February in Barcelona. “What we will see before the first race, but I’m not looking for that kind of stories. Not much is left to the test of winter and I think we will hear something before we get to them”.

Häkkinen admits that the situation Valtteri Bottas at this time is unbeatable, as it is close to becoming a pilot of the team that has dominated the last three years of the Formula 1 and that will enable that success go to to depend on himself. “keep in mind that this is a fantastic location in the Formula 1 for the drivers, is superb. Getting to the situation that you’re in a team that is at the summit, that can win championships, win races… And then it depends on you to pay to get these victories and win the title. You can’t go better”, ensuring categorically that see Bottas as a potential World Champion: “Yes, I can see it”.