Half of the clients of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio from the German brands

The first statistical data indicate that half of the Italian buyers of the new Alfa Romeo Stelvio have been previously owners of Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Porsche. The first SUV of the Italian brand has made in addition to conquer public youngest.

Lfter after the first few months of the start of marketing of the first SUV of Alfa Romeo, the first statistical data begin to show some characteristics about the profile of the Italian buyers of the Stelvio.

statistical data indicate that 50% of customers of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio were not fans of the Italian brand, but on the contrary were previously owners of some of the German brands targeted at the luxury or the high performance. The first suv from the Italian firm has managed to steal customers to the Mercedes, Audi, BMW and even Porsche.

The data show that with the arrival of this move a model within a segment unpublished, Alfa Romeo has managed to expand its customer base, in line with what happened with the Giulia, the first of the new series of models that Sergio Marchionne promised to throw in a term of five years.

The Alfa Romeo Stelvio has already a price in Spain

But in addition another important fact with the arrival on the market of the Stelvio, is related to the age of their customers, as the SUV has managed to capture the attention of a public more young, in comparison with the buyers of the new Giulia.

Another of the objectives of Alfa Romeo was achieved with the Stelvio conquer the female audience and the figures seem to indicate that they have managed to stick to it, because 15% of their clients are women, once again a figure considerably higher than the Giulia.

But the aim of reaching 400,000 sales per year still seems far away Alfa Romeo, something that can only be achieved by adding more models to its current alignment.