Hallucinating! This Porsche 911 with center seat – McLaren F1 style – can be yours


Even for us, accustomed to find in Internet the most outlandish and crazy creations, is preparing a Porsche 911 is impressive and surprising . Sure you remember the McLaren F1, a supercar of worship, among other things, differed by a special arrangement of three squares, in which the driver was placed in the most advanced and fully central position. What if we apply this philosophy to a Porsche 911? Is what the owner of this machine is raised, focus controls and the cockpit of his 911 to transform it into a sports center seat seater .

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Madness? ┬┐Extravaganza? Maybe. It seems this creation is the result of a customer request seeking a Porsche 911 Carrera S 2008 – Generation 997 – focus solely on his driving circuit . That was when Trinity workshops Motorsports Group got down to work to create a transformation possible, but not simple.

Among other things, this preparation demanded to move to the center of the cockpit instrumentation, steering wheel and entire steering column, pedals, change the brake and the driver’s seat. The rear seats were kept in his usual position.


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Regarding everything else, this preparation retains the essence Porsche. It has a faced six-cylinder engine, a manual six relationships and 360 hp and lots of extras.

This preparation required 300 hours of work and an investment of approximately $ 75,000 (68,000 euros at current exchange rates). Its creators thought of everything. Realizing that accommodated in a center seat in a sports as low as a 911, it is not easy, they decided to create a sliding structure which allows the center seat to move to the driver’s door for This fits and placed in its final position, center.

This unit has just traveled 30,450 miles . That is, some 49,000 kilometers. And it will be auctioned in a few days in Monterey, California.

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