Halo: Over my dead body


motorsport is a risky sport but within the basic functions of their obligation, and more as you delve in the future, is to reduce it as much as possible. When the racing of the cars jumped from ancient Greece to Rome no one he carved in stone a few tweets when the aurigas began to use the helmet of the legions by way of protection instead of a toga over the shoulders.

at The end of the cars, with an alarming accident congenital, were the same, the competition is not lessened and however in the worst case the protagonist is escayolaba a leg and will not be buried with more or less honors. We speak of safety, of human lives, an increasingly precious, prized, expensive, expensive, respectable and of a higher value.

Neither the FIA, nor the motor, nor the aficionariado can stay quiet with the dead on top of the table

Where people could instal new in the cinema the films of Tarzan, if you despeñaba a black when they were loaded in full ascension of a rock reaction, was looking down and shrugging the shoulders. Today, a soldier died in combat, they will take care after death, puts an airplane, and honor with a military ceremony. The life of every day is worth more, and to do so turns the world and inside of it, and parallel to the of the races.

Neither the FIA, nor the motor, nor the aficionariado can stay quiet with the dead on top of the table. With pride, and for more than twenty years, the Formula 1 said with the chest well filled with that of “from Senna’s not here casca no thanks to a job well done”, and led to reason until one fucking day a young man full of life and future calls Jules Bianchi left his existence raised in a single-seater.


The Halo was the first widget in to be tested at the track, but those who have come after have not convinced lawmakers of the Formula 1.

In the TWENTY-first Century and to this has to be a response to technical, political, policy and media. The FIA is set to work as it is your obligation and proposed to technicians and engineers that were taught in how to further protect the occupant of a car that, by regulation, has to go a little less than face to the air. FIA didn’t put pasta but I opened my hand to the ideologues, engineers and technicians, setting out their ideas, to develop and to the left on top of the table with a “yaveremos”. After the action, the reaction, and peered the rudimentary Halo, the cockpit closed of a fighter or the unborn protection system ejection of Enrique Scalabroni, vaguely inspired in the seats of the convertibles more advanced.

Following various trials and tests is adopted from 2018 Halo, a chirimbolo that no one likes but few think of its possibilities to the hour to safeguard the life of the the play. If it’s ugly, that if Photoshop are going to delete, that if it serves only to advertising, that it takes more in the extraction of a broker or not because I don’t have the wins… But just exposed that such a gossip, a shattering horrific to the eye, may help to protect the crew of the cars.

This cannot be assessed at a glance. Or from home. can’t be seen properly even from within the cockpit. Chip was a child when forced to put seat belt in cars of the street that are not brought to the factory. When they became mandatory, they heard complaints, laments, and heard the chillerío of the cast the freedom to go with the tummy less tight.

After that, the DGT came and I explained that in 2016, 21% of the road deaths were not wearing the belt, or that in half of the accidents without victims, the wounded would now be raising mauves not to be for this device ugly, clunky, and uncomfortable.

When seat belts were made mandatory, we heard complaints and moans

When it imposed the helmet to the bikes more of the same, and now you’ll climb on one, to move it a hundred metres for a parking lot, and look you with the face of a suspect, or you can call 112 because you’re not wearing a helmet. If the zero risk does not exist at the races is an obligation of all actors to reduce it where possible, because if we stay as we are how many deaths are necessary to do something?

If the sporting authorities, engineers, safety experts, and a design increasingly advanced would not have been taking letters in the matter of out still we would see Verstappens, Hamiltons and Czechs run wearing a beanie as movie directors and a polo Fred Perry to protection mode. The evolution of security is as necessary as that of the own cars and desdeñarla is to despise just what is essential, to what really brings value to the whole, and precisely to what you want to give more and more value at the expense of the technique: the pilot.


the aesthetics of The Shield liked it a lot more people, but the test track was a complete failure.

From the start of the competition we have been seeing as the crew of the cars has gone burying his body more and more, until you almost leave without just visibility in pursuit of its security, and thanks to that, they are less insecure. Rubens Barrichello received a special permit to shoot without the HANS developed by Mercedes and today no one, in any category of cars disdains their use. Ayrton Senna did not mind because in 1994 the F1 not given the now mandatory crash tests. Question to Max Chilton for the strip of Zylon that is not protected by Felipe Massa in 2009 because not wearing one, and yet that was the pilot of the Marussia says thank you to her after your incident at the Nürburgring 2013. There are more examples, question to Alonso for his gruesome chestnut Australia 2016…

When they talk to the engineers, safety experts, and those who take care of these things turn to listen. They, and only they, who are prepared to determine if this invention, ugly, fucking, serving, or not to take care of the existence of the runners. The only one who has spoken publicly of the topic from an angle that is plausible has been the argentine Scalabroni has been very clear and eloquent: “we’re Not in a beauty contest. FIA works to protect the pilots. Something is needed to increase the security of the head of the pilots in case of accidents. Make a Halo more simple”.

Tap accept what the experts say to the riders, the racing and the fans should both

If you’re not from these, nor is the one that this writes, we can only say that the colors that are painted on, and tap ok what the experts say to the pilots, motorsport, and the fans, we owe so much. No one knows for certain if the Halo would have saved the life of Jules Bianchi, but if you had asked him before the accident if I wanted to go out to the track with him or without him, it is very possible that I would have liked to have all the help possible.

Ok, I accept you “what the Halo not”, but still is not, and if you have a better idea, don’t keep squawking, you already know: [email protected] I appreciate you all.


Many designers, as in the case of Antonio Paglia, have fantasized with Formula 1 cars futuristic, dressed with domes protective.