Halt in the growth of sales of passenger cars at national level

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Day 1 of the month and, as always, we review the sales data for passenger cars in the previous month. You usually talk a lot of crunch, but what is certain is that February is a difficult month to trade. In the automobile sector, if in addition we add the lack of aid to the purchase of new vehicles after the end of the Plan PIVE several months ago, we can expect that the data will not be very beneficial. And so it has been.

During the 28 days of February have been enrolled 97.796 cars, assuming this improvement is practically negligible sales a growth of 0.2 %, with just 147 units more than in the same period of 2016. A clear datum that individuals need a support plan for the purchase of new passenger cars is that this channel has decreased briefly with a – 0,1 % with a total of 46.742 sales.

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Comment from ANIACAM that the 9.2% decrease in sales to companies alquiladoras, with a volume of 24.144 enrollment, is related with the festivity of Holy Week. The past year was celebrated in the month of march, while in 2017 it will be in the month of April. Therefore, we expect that in these 31 days of march to significantly increase the purchases of vehicles in this channel. On the other hand, the channel has registered a rise of 10.9 % acquiring 26.910 cars.

market Share as fuels

a Lot of criticism lately for the models of diesel and supports the purveyors of gasoline and alternative fuels, but the market share is still much higher for diesel vehicles. In this month of march 51.9 % of the cars registered in Spain have been diesel, leaving the 43.7 per cent to the gasoline engine and just 4.4% to hybrids and electric. we Hope that may soon change this trend dramatically; although we can be happy because lately more and more customers are looking for alternatives to the thrusters diesel

Source – ANIACAM

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