Hamilton, a firm detractor of the F1 current


Lewis Hamilton has not hesitated to criticize the current state of Formula 1 in the face of what they considered to be a state which is very different from the essence that made this category a spectacle.

“My engineers say that it will be much more difficult to overtake

And it does not seem that the new Formula 1 with the change of regulations go to convince you otherwise, at least based on what their engineers have commented on the overtaking. “My engineers say that it will be much more difficult to overtake. If we see that overtaking is going to worse, it will be bad for the fans, the show will be worse, so I hope that is not the case. I really hope that the engineers, who are the most intelligent, they are wrong and the show is great and the most competitive we have ever seen. And if that happens, I’m looking forward to be a part of it”, said the briton in an interview granted to the BBC. Hamilton also believes that the DRS is a sample of the philosophy of the Formula 1 is wrong. “The DRS seems to be a patch for the rules wrong, in the way that cars are designed”.

The sound, a big problem

Another of the issues that most irritates Lewis Hamilton is the sound, which before the arrival of the V6 turbo, was the item that most impacted those who discovered a Formula 1 car for the first time. “I Think that is terrible. For most people it’s like, ‘Oh, it’s not so bad’, but my opinion is that yes it is. When I went to the Grand Prix of Spa in 1996, I entered the paddock, and Michael went with the V10 and literally pounded my ribcage, it was like a fighter plane. I was thinking ‘what the hell?”, said Hamilton, who believes that taking away that effect on the category has been a great mistake. “is Not the only thing that appeals to the fans, but subtract that and, by god, it is sad to see what they have come for the cars in terms of sound. I do not feel that the Formula 1 is winning, it has to do with the rule changes that do not help or do not involve the fans enough”.

At least the arrival of Liberty Media makes it to Lewis Hamilton to be more optimistic and to have hope that things could change and we could find ways to bring fans to the competition. “there is Still a great follow-up in Formula 1 and I look forward to the arrival of the new owners. I hope you do something new. New blood. New ideas. New ways of engaging fans. The F1 is a bit old fashioned, especially if you look at other sports that are more advanced in the aspect of entertainment”, said to settle the issue.