Hamilton, after 156 laps: “it Seems that we’re not too bad”


Expectation of the media to listen to Hamilton after the first day of test

Lewis Hamilton has begun the pre-season 2016, with the same feeling with which he left the campaign 2015: putting fear in their rivals. The three-time british gave them more laps than anyone else, 156, almost doubling that of the second most hard-working of the day, that was Marcus Ericsson with the Sauber of 2015 with 88 laps.

The aim of Mercedes for these tests was that: to accumulate the most kilometres. Obviously, it has complied with the script provided and to spare:

“It’s great to be back. It seems that I’ve been outside a lot, but now I feel at home. I’m delighted to see that I can still fly! The car has been great. It is very similar to last year, which is a good thing because it gives us a great idea of how to work with it. The goal is to make as much mileage as possible in the little time that we have to do test and we have started a fantastic way to”

The sensations of Hamilton can’t be more positive, as it reflects not only their performance, but their feelings after the day. Obviously, they could not miss the words of appreciation to the team: The team has done an amazing job to get the car to roll as well and complete as many laps with no real problems. It is awesome for the first day, so we will continue with fingers crossed”.


Where have you noticed changes Hamilton have been in the tires, although that is not a handicap necessarily. “They feel a little different and we will work to understand them better in the next few days,” said the Mercedes driver. In terms of your starting position for this year and the pre-eminence which seems to have about the rest, Hamilton keeps calm, but he already knows that Ferrari and Vettel will be one of his rivals to take into account:

“it Is difficult to say where are the other at this point and we don’t know how competitive we are until the whole world begins to tighten. It seems that we are not very wrong, that much is clear. Each season you have to assume that it’s going to be a competition very hard, and I’m at that point. I hope that the Ferrari’s are up with me, and with Nico this year, which would be great for the fans and for me as well”