Hamilton and Bottas suffer with the tyres in Sochi


Friday complicated for Mercedes in Sochi. Both Lewis Hamilton as Valtteri Bottas have had some problems at the time of
find the range of temperature optimum of the gums, which has not enabled us to
none of the two pilots to get the maximum performance offered by the
tires of Pirelli in a path dirty and with little grip. While
Hamilton has shown to be critical with the pace by reaching over a long distance,
Bottas has finished something, the more satisfied
, although without getting to squeeze the
tire ultrablando to a return. Meanwhile, Ferrari seems to be a
step ahead

Lewis Hamilton had no problems in acknowledging that there were
been a difficult day after the completion of the FP2. In this aspect, the Mercedes driver
he stated: it Has been a day difficult for us. We’ve
managed to complete our entire program of work and all that
we need in our long runs, but at the level of the balance of the car,
Ferrari has given the impression of being faster than us on long runs

In this regard, Hamilton stated that there is still a long
way to go to be able to aspire to be at the height of the Ferrari:
“We have to work and to find ways to improve our rhythm. Yet
everything remains to be decided, but we need to take a step forward. In the end, it seems
the tires have a limit very fair, so that it is easy to get out of the
window of optimal performance
. Yes, when we get to work, go
really well”.


Valtteri Bottas has expressed itself in similar terms
of your companion box, although it showed slightly more satisfied with the
conditions encountered in free practice of the GP of Russia: Has been a day
. The situation is very different to the one we had in Bahrain
terms of temperatures of the asphalt and of your own state. We’ve learned things
quite interesting about the tires so much on long runs as in runs
short. We have much work ahead to make the most of the

In the end, Bottas was quite practical with respect to the work
before: “Our goal for tonight is to analyze the
laps with ultrablandos, although we can not forget that the race is what
important. We have started the weekend in a more or less correct.
The car goes well and is balanced. It has been a good start, but
there is definitely work ahead to find the speed of the face of the