Hamilton asks an experienced pilot at your side in 2017


Lewis Hamilton has not given names, but in an event of Mercedes in Germany, has asked his bosses to hire an experienced driver to replace Nico Rosberg.

The british pilot claims not to know anything of the names that Toto Wolff, NIki Lauda, Paddy Lowe and the rest of the heavy hitters from Mercedes is valued, but expected to be a pilot willing to work in a team. “I Am waiting for the decision of the heads. She kept very secret. I just hope that the next pilot who is a Mercedes you’re ready to work elbow with elbow”.

Hamilton believes that the change of regulation in which the teams are already working will be a key moment in the future of Formula 1 and must have an experienced pilot to be able to stay ahead of Red Bull and Ferrari. “next year, we are releasing new car and we really need to experience to develop the car and be ahead of Red Bull and Ferrari. We go into 2017, and give thee all that you have to keep Mercedes on top of the table”.