Hamilton: “come Alonso is not my concern, but it is probably not the best”


Lewis Hamilton has granted an interview to Channel 4 and, during the same, the british Mercedes driver has spoken about the process of selection of the substitute of Nico Rosberg and the influence it has on the same.

Hamilton makes clear that, by contract, the team must talk with him, but it has no power of decision whatsoever and just gives his opinion. “Contractually, what they have to do basically is that, once you reduce the list to five riders or whatever, the list is shortened, they contractually agree to discuss it with me. But I want to say that I have no power in the decision”, he said to Lee Mackenzie.

Hamilton wanted to clarify that, although you do not have a reluctance to compete with any other pilot, yes that will matter who you are, to the contrary of what has been suggested a few days ago to root a few statements of yours.

“Well… recently said -and came on the Internet – that I said that I don’t care who my team-mate, is a bit taken out of context. it Is important who is in the second car, it is important for the morale of the team. We have seen in other teams and at other times that the rivalry between the two drivers can have a toxic effect for the team. So yes, it is really important, because I am very happy here. So we have to make sure that we bring whoever we bring is, at least, as good as what we had, but better! In terms of creating that energy.”

“I’ve had experiences and divisions in the past… I highly recommend the team not to have that scenario. But what I wanted to say is that pilotaría against absolutely any pilot…“.

And is that Lewis Hamilton has the experience of McLaren with Fernando Alonso, which ended with the spaniard out of the team at the end of 2007 after multiple disagreements with Ron Dennis, Anthony Hamilton and Lewis. “In the last instance, when they decide to, which is their decision, they can put anyone, to Sebastian (Vettel), Fernando (Alonso), they can really bring it to whomever you want. I ran against Fernando Alonso in my first year and I won, so that is not a concern for me. I’m happy to ride against either of them. But in terms of what is best for the team, it is probably not the best idea”, says the british, who considered that their future mate must not only be fast and competitive, but also be able to create good chemistry with him.