Hamilton ditch the controversy with Schumacher on his Instagram


Lewis Hamilton was the cause of the controversy of the week, with words that hinted of a lack of sportsmanship in the titles of Schumacher: “I’ve never done things like what Michael did to win championships. I won with my natural abilities”. Caused the reaction of the fan club of the German, whose president advised the newly crowned three-time “plug in your brain before you speak”. Now, the british has posted on his account Instagram a text in which he expressed his admiration for the former pilot, and shows his respect both for him as for his family, in addition to wish for his recovery.

Hamilton came to Mercedes after the final withdrawal of Schumacher, having agreed on the grill in the seasons 2010, 2011 and 2012, when Lewis raced here for McLaren. And, for his age, grew up with the seven crowns that reached Michael. This is his message, which was accompanied by a photo of you both laughing in a press conference:

To all the fans of Michael Schumacher: I want you to know what a great fan and admirer of Michael that I am. I grew up and saw him from the early days up to his seventh title. He was the greatest of our time, and I am immensely proud and grateful to have known him and spent even a little time with me. He was always kind to me. One day, in his last race, I managed to find the courage to go to him and ask him if he would honor them by changing our helmets, and gently did so. Please, do not believe everything that you read. I never would him or his family a lack of respect, I hold in the highest regard. I keep it in my prayers, as a pilot partner that you want to your recovery. My best wishes for you. Lewis

After the signing, the Mercedes added the tags #Dioslebendiga #legend #respect (in English). Surely the fans of the ‘Kaiser’ thank you for the text of Lewis and take it as an apology. Can you clarify that the English advised not to believe everything that we read, but the video with his words is there, without that is the take the wind. Whether apology or denial, works well for Hamilton. In the end, are two of the pilots biggest of the Formula 1, contemporary.