Hamilton: “do you Expect pilotemos and that we never have a problema?”


I Want to compete. I’ve grown up wanting to compete. I wanted to get to Formula 1, compete with the best and be the best, driving better than another individual”. So clear has been pronounced Lewis Hamilton less than 24 hours after his touch with Nico Rosberg in the last turn of the Grand Prix of Austria. The German, who was leading the race, he finished in fourth place, being the great hurt of an incident about which Career Direction attributed to him the guilt afterwards, while Hamilton was taken up with his third win of the season and reduced his disadvantage to 11 points.

In the highest spheres of Mercedes, however, the second incident on the track between their drivers in less than two months has led to take in serious consideration the option of implement team orders to prevent the recurrence of a similar situation in the future, as he commented after the race Toto Wolff.

To that possibility, Hamilton has shown exactly the opposite, showing its desire to compete with your companion on equal terms, and by putting as an example contrary to the team orders of Ferrari in Austria 2002.

“they Showed a replay of Michael (Schumacher) and (Rubens) Barrichello years ago, and then was disappointed as a fan. Never want to see team orders. The best thing is that Toto and Niki have been great letting us compete, and that’s what it’s all about the racing. There’s always going to be blue skies and everything was perfect, but so are the races. Every engineer and mechanic has gone through Formula Ford and Formula Renault, and different categories. Have seen the good and the bad, and know that these things can happen”.

The three-time world also maintains that he tried to overtake without forcing Rosberg and without checking the collision, and argues that the pilots should have margin for error, even though he understood the posture and the anger of his team.

“Pilotamos more than 200 miles per hour (320 kilometers per hour). what Is expected to pilotemos and that never, never, never have a problem? I doubt It. I hope that the thing does not change and I hope that we can continue to compete. It is my honest opinion, since my love towards this sport. I do Not go out there to be involved in a collision. As you can see, I traced out the most comprehensive that I was able to, along with the white lines, so I left a lot of space. Three cars could have passed for the interior there”.

“the head of The team and the team want to make a doublet. It is our goal, and my goal, although I want to be at the front of this doublet. But certain circumstances have led us to where we are today. We have many races ahead, and we will continue running. I Am fighting for the championship, so we will continue fighting. After those experiences, I hope that there are no more, which are a point of light in the fog and that we continue to forward competing”.